Qingsong’s Random Thoughts

I would like to share my random thoughts with you through the below presentation.

Qingosng random thought  from Qingsong Yao

A couple of notes for the presentation:
  • Stevsi’s Blog is our president Steven Sinofsky’s internal blog where he frequently (weekly) wrote his thoughts to us.
  • My previous manger Roger Fleig maintains a list of books with different topics, and keeps them updated with which book he is reading now. His reading list encouraged me to think that a great leader should be a great thinker.
  • In the last slide, I list a couple of hot areas inside Microsoft, you may search Testing in Production, Garage to get more details.
  • When I say SDET and SDE roles will be the same, I mean the SDET role inside Microsoft; I do not mean QA. The same is true for my suggestion that SDET should do more coding.

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