Qingsong’s Random Thoughts

I would like to share my random thoughts with you through the below presentation.

Qingosng random thought  from Qingsong Yao

A couple of notes for the presentation:
  • Stevsi’s Blog is our president Steven Sinofsky’s internal blog where he frequently (weekly) wrote his thoughts to us.
  • My previous manger Roger Fleig maintains a list of books with different topics, and keeps them updated with which book he is reading now. His reading list encouraged me to think that a great leader should be a great thinker.
  • In the last slide, I list a couple of hot areas inside Microsoft, you may search Testing in Production, Garage to get more details.
  • When I say SDET and SDE roles will be the same, I mean the SDET role inside Microsoft; I do not mean QA. The same is true for my suggestion that SDET should do more coding.

Writing Good Test Plans and Writing Good Tests

This post is based on one of my test projects, “Testing SQL Express Setup integration with Visual Studio 2012”.  Unlike typical testing strategies, we decided to do manual testing instead of automated testing.  We spent a lot of effort thinking about the customer scenarios and giving them different priorities.  Depending on the scenario and priority, we used pair wise combination strategies to select a small set of tests from the huge testing matrix.  Then our vendor team executed the selected test cases manually and signed-off on them.  We found a couple of UI bugs, a couple of useability issues, and functional bugs as well. In the end, we delivered a better setup experience for Visual Studio users.  The same test approach was used for Visual Studio 2012 testing as well.


  •  SSE means SQL Server Express
  •  MSI 4.5 means Windows Installer 4.5
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